Land is getting more expensive to own and maintain. Horse facilities are getting more costly to run. Women are getting older and more single by the day through death and divorce.

A new concept in living life to the fullest; with t he company of like minded individuals to laugh, live and ride with.

Happy Hollow Ranch is a facility that owns approximately 100 acres, including 6 miles of riding trails. It has 30 acres of pastures and paddocks. An outdoor arena that is 100 foot in radius, and an 110 by 60 indoor riding arena. There are horse stalls in three different areas of the Ranch, along with two apartments and a large post beam construction house to share with one or two individuals.

Are you getting tired of being bonded by your land and animals? Do you long to visit friends, family or take the long awaited vacation and wonder what to do with the equine companions you live with? Would you like to share the caretaking of these equine companions with women who share your love of the land and the animals? Do you want to gaze at the sky and the clouds and watch the seasons change in their dramatic colors?

Would you like the option of going to Arizona with your equine companion in the winter? Or at anytime during the year? Are you tired of living alone? Would you like conversations with women who share your desire to maintain a county lifestyle?

Is that one of a kind home next to a horse facility becoming an increasingly familiar dream? Looking for a lot near the pasture to build or to share a home?

Then you need to check out zfarms.com and take a look at the land and the animals. The proprietoress, Ina Zeemering, is looking for mature adults that want to live and grow old with the earth and the animals around them. Call or visit.


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